Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Breaking New Ground

The stormy winter and spring certainly took their toll on our local beaches, wearing away dunes and doing damage not only to our own Sandwich Boardwalk, but also to many beach stairways which we rebuilt for several private homeowners in Carleton Shores and along the beachway.

The personal service we offer our clients even resulted in the sharing of office space during our big blizzard this year — a neighborly gesture that resulted in this kind note:

Dear Rick

Have been meaning to send you this email for a couple weeks now. I want to thank you and your crew for a great working experience. I appreciate your guys finding and fixing the things needing repair! The floors look great, and Prim was pleasant to deal with.

Thanks for also letting me use the spare office to plug-in at work after the blizzard, and for trying to hook up the generator. Once I got back to my work I didn't think about the work being done at home. You took the worry out of it. Thanks for improving the state and look of my house. The shingling looks great!" —Maria Murphy

Storms aside, other projects included completing one large framing job in Osterville, as well as making great progress on our Brewster and Seneca Lane developments which we are pleased to have offered by the Ridge Realty group. Two in development are: 

#9 Brewster Lane - This Cape style home follows our "Addison Plan", approximately 2,443 sq. feet, three bedrooms, with first floor master. The exterior has been finished and we are now in the process of working on interior plumbing and electric, though many choices can still be made by the potential homeowner. This is the second lot to be built in this development (the first being already sold). There still are four other lots to choose from, using your building plans or ours.

#20 Seneca Lane - The owners of this home originally wanted us to follow the building plan of one we had built for them nearly 20 years ago, but fell in love with what they saw taking shape at Brewster Lane and changed their mind! With the permits now underway we'll be ready to break ground very soon.

Please check back soon for pictures or contact Ridge Realty Group for details. Tel: 508-428-2770. / Toll Free: 866-65Ridge

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Projects: All shapes and sizes

Summer and Fall have given us a range of interesting and diverse new projects. From completing the addition of a now 10,000 square ft. home in Carleton Shores, to 2,000 square ft., one-level living planned for our Shawme Estates and Brewster Lane properties, we take pride in being able to offer clients a range of services that suit all shapes, sizes, and budgets. Our competitive bidding on smaller projects, such as roofing and new decks, have also kept us busy through the Fall. Shown, are some photos of the Carleton Shores addition, but please refer to our photo gallery for more examples of our work.

#11 Seneca Lane - Shawme Estates
#9 Brewster Lane
The permitting process is underway for two approximate 2,200 sq. foot Cape style homes to be ready for the 2013 Spring market. The plans call for a first floor master with finished second floor and two car garage. The modern, open space floor plans would suit either a first time home buyer with room for a growing family or those ready to downsize but still want room for guests.

#20 Seneca Lane - Shawme Estates
Repeat business is testimonial to a job well done. A former client whose home we built over 20 years ago, returned to the Cape and contacted us with a request to build for a new home for them. Plans are in development now.


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring Blooms!

The mild winter has been kind to us this year, as we've been able to keep many projects moving and on schedule for what promises to be a busy spring and summer season. Below, are just a few of the projects we've been working on. Check back soon for photos. . .

#10 Brewster Lane - Phase one of the construction is nearing completion, and what was once only plans, is now a nearly 3000 sq. foot home with a projected completion date of July '12.


Jarvesville addition - The foundation, framing, and roof of the structure are nearing completion with much attention paid to honor the original, historic structure every step of the way. Because brick would have been a more common material used to support the original home, we notched the new concrete foundation in order for a brick facade to be applied, and then hand applied a wash to help antique the look. Other portions of the rafters and support beams were carefully disassembled and were used to create the new interior.


Moody Drive remodel - The owners of this ranch home in the village wanted the interior space opened up for a modern floor plan, and to maximize their view of the water. The interior walls have been taken town and a complete reworking of the space is in progress now.

Sandwich Downs Cape - We've just begun the permitting process to build a 1,980 sq. foot house on a small lot overlooking the beach. Due to lot size, we worked carefully with the owners—planning for maximum space in this three bedroom, two bath house, complete with entry deck and screened in porch. Applications will be filed and approved with the Conservation and Historic Boards, as well as the Board of Health, with a projected Labor Day start.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Importance of a Building Plan

Two of our recent projects — though different in nature, both rely upon working with a sound building plan that is accepted by Building Department authorities, and is inclusive of correct building codes, zoning restrictions and all structural information needed to construct the building properly. Changes that can be worked out in the planning stages take into account individual situations and can often help avoid costly mistakes.

#10 Brewster Lane - The first, of this six-lot parcel under contract, began with the owners selecting one of our package building plans, designed by architect Adam Mooring, and altering it to suit their needs and budget. An enclosed porch and upstairs master bed and bath were worked out in the plans and will be roughed out during phase one of construction, but will remain unfinished until their growing family is ready to expand into the extra space.

Jarvesville addition - This small, historic home presented several design and permitting challenges for the owners, due to its' proximity to the marsh as well as the structural integrity of the existing building.  Much thought went into revising the building plans in order to gain final approval from the conservation and zoning board to demolish the existing foundation which was too weak to support the new structure. In an effort to honor the home's history and also achieve approval from the historic commission, it was agreed that portions of the original structure would be disassembled and then  incorporated into the new building—increasing its' size to approximately 2,000 square feet.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Adding a Garage to Your Home or Property

As we continue to struggle through a tough economy, adding a garage — either attached or detached—can add to the value of your home in more ways than one. Before jumping in headfirst, however, it is important to seek the guidance of a reputable builder who can help you walk through your ultimate goals and the steps you may need to take prior to construction. Surveying the lot for deed restrictions, drawing up plans, and adding electric or plumbing are all considerations that should be discussed first in relation to your budget.

Of the three garage plans R.W. Anderson & Sons is working on at the moment, two involve adding extra space over and above the vehicle space. In the first, detached garage, a second floor will be dormered out with the electric and plumbing added now for future use. Our second project involves attaching a 12x16 shed that already exits on the property. We have worked closely with the owners to incorporate the shed into the new building plan so that it aesthetically blends together.

Some of the garages we've built, as well as other examples of our work can be viewed here and in the portfolio section of our website. We encourage you to have a look!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sagamore Beach Addition

Instead of altering the basic footprint of this Phillips Road home, more space was added by raising the roof and improving upon the existing second floor. Walls were raised to full height (7 feet) and the second floor space over an existing front addition increased the total square footage of usable space. One bedroom in the original structure was transformed to a large bedroom with walk-in closets and master bath with tile shower. A second floor family room with fireplace, screened in porch with deck and incredible views made the most of the total existing space. Because the structure was close to the water, the owners entrusted R.W. Anderson to completely handle the complicated permitting process which involved building permits, conservation land requirements and historic commission permissions that needed to be obtained prior to construction.

Kitchen remodel / Sandwich

The traffic flow of this Sandwich kitchen was in need of improvement, and after meeting with the homeowners to discuss the challenges the current design posed, we went to work. First, a doorway was shifted from the center to side of the kitchen and a picture window was added in the back of the house to open the space giving a wonderful view from the front of the house to the gardens in the back. Installing a new stairway would accomplish two goals: The first, giving the redesigned kitchen a nice pantry with storage, and the second, allowing interior access to the basement which they did not have before. Old cabinetry and formica countertops were completely replaced with granite and birch cabinetry in a white finish. Recessed lighting was also added for a more contemporary look. Custom millwork, central a/c, a the addition of a 6x8 cedar closet and pull-down stairway for attic access were among some of the other improvements made.